Studio recordings


So I’m hoping to record most things I make, now that I have some sort of studio in the workshop. I’m using a stereo pair of SE ribbon microphones about 2ft from the pipes, I’m not processing the signal apart from on the middle two, where I controversially added a little room reverb. As always my playing is compromising the sound when regulators are involved!

C set made by Peter in 1987. I don’t mind admitting that I’ve had a struggle to get these going well, had to do a lot of surgery. But here they are. When I sat down in front of the mics I knew I had to try and remember the Dingle Regatta, as I have a lot of memories of the owner of the set Pat Handley playing this in sessions and leaping around.

Below, B 3/4 set in boxwood. This is actually recorded with a Gefell M930 on the chanter and a Neumann TLM 102 on the drones, the ribbons having a little holiday.

Below, B chanter in ebony, mono. WordPress will not allow more than 2mb uploads, so I can’t alway use stereo.

Below, 3/4 set in B, ebony.

Below, concert chanter in palosanto, voiced for a beginner so fairly easy reed, good first octave E on the knee.

Below, almost identical chanter to the above, though impossible to make identical reeds – one slight difference in the recording, I turned the snare off on the drums!

Below, Eb chanter in palosanto