See here for later recordings using ribbon microphones.

My latest crazy idea is to group these in ascending pitch, starting with low G and finishing with Eb. Some of these are quite old and my piping makes me cringe. However, this first one is from Ronan Browne, and is his low G with pitch shifted drones.  I’m upset to find that I’ve lost the recording of the one I made, it sounded great but you’ll have to take my word for that. Be aware, I can’t convince WordPress not to confuse you, the recordings are below the text, not above!

Anyway here’s Ronan’s G.

2017 A chanter, with tenor D drone and concert bass reg, then tuner drone.

Next is the first A chanter I made, first with D drones then by itself

Now Bb, I think this is palosanto.

And I can’t resist Ronan playing a Bb, now if you don’t have Cran’s “Lover’s Ghost” go and buy it, you’ll thank me.

Now a boxwood B – in context one of my all time favourite pieces of piping. Also from “Lover’s Ghost”

My own weak gloss, as F O’Brien would say

Published at 2017, June 15
Lawrence / Hunter B chanter in ebony
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Ebony B recorded by Mark McNeilly

Robbie Hannan playing a Peter Hunter half set

Published at 2017, June 15
Robbie Hannan playing a Peter Hunter half set in B, belonging to Larry Dunn.
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A C chanter with fake drone.

C half set

Palosanto C chanter

Published at 2017, June 15
Hunter / Lawrence C chanter in Palosanto
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C# full set

C# half set

Concert half set in ebony

Ebony chanter

Ebony concert chanter
Published at 2017, June 20
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Below is Narrow (flat) bore D chanter

Below is Ronan’s original D

Below is Narrow bore (flat) D full set

Below is a quick snippet of Rita Farrell’s full set in D, palosanto and brass, with a hastily made reed I’m not yet au fait with.

Eb chanters