This will be added to, to give starting points for reeding Hunter chanters and regs.  If you are after something in particular, drop me a line at and I will update here for all to see.

I am reluctant to give exact measurements, as what works for my method may well not work for yours. If the reed is out of tune, change a parameter – there are several excellent reed making books out there to help you with this.

Concert chanter. Staple rolled out of 0.5mm copper, 52-54mm long, 15 – 13.9 where 14.7 is the mid point of the staple. Head width 12.5 – 13mm.
You need a big staple eye, 1.9-2mm or you will get barking E.

Regulators – 1/8″ internal copper tubing staples for most of these. To make them grip the tuning slide tube, bell out the very bottom of the staple with anything tapered, I use my smallest needle nose pliers (closed). Some of Peter’s flat regs use smaller than 1/8″ internal staples, 3mm or even less.

B and Bb chanters work fine with 1/8″ internal tubing, head width around 10-10.5mm (I go for 10mm for all flat reeds, <edit not true now, 11.5 even for Bb>)

C chanters – almost always want a rolled staple, 11.8 – 11mm 53mm long. Hw 10.25. If your upper hand octave is sharp, use 1/8″ internal tube.

C# same as above but shorter, at 49mm and 10mm hw.

Very narrow flat D, use tube 1/8 51mm. 10mm hw