2022 update – prices have had to increase to reflect the cost of living.

All work is entirely handcrafted, with hand forged keys and hand rolled metalwork; tapered ferrules; tapered mount bores; reamed chanter caps to give the reed a little more room and provide a better seat for the swan neck; hammered crowns on bends; French polished hollow sycamore stocks; other time-consuming but worthwhile things…

Many requirements can be accommodated, with some exceptions eg I don’t do Taylor style work.

I make chanters in Eb (wide bore) D (flat, and wide bore) C# and C (a design that allows conventional fingering, and older fingering) B, Bb, A and G (all based on Peter’s Coyne B).

Flat drones are based on Harrington, but tweaked for stability and ease of reeding.  Concert regulators are my own design, and narrow in bore so as to be quieter than the chanter. For flat sets I use an even smaller bore for the same reason.

Woods available are ebony, African blackwood,  and English box (split from logs, *hopefully* does not warp so you notice), palosanto and a few odd billets like pink ivory wood.  If there is a particular other wood you would like, I would do my best to source it for you if I agree it’s a reasonable choice. Mounts are English box, or other suitable timber; I also have some buffalo horn (dark in colour) and also am willing to use moose antler.  Imitation ivory/horn etc is also available.

I usually use brass, but will gladly use sterling silver or nickel silver for special orders.

I stock bellows and bags by Laurence Thompson. Prices below are excluding bag and bellows which work out at around £300 from Laurence “amazingly airtight” Thompson. You are most welcome to supply your own bag and bellows.

Stop keys – I encourage you not to bother me with these. I will not make them on Coyne style chanters. I do make a stop mechanism on the chanter stock which is £60
Reeds – chanter and regulator reeds £60, drone reeds £20.
Chanters – £950  with wooden cap, 3 mounts. £780 with brass cap and self mounted.
Keys are £60 for sheet, £70 semi forged and £80 forged.
Drones – £1250 with hollow stock, cantilever drone switch, 2 mounted, cane reeds. Solid or hollow.
Tenor and Baritone Regulators – £950, basically a regulator is a 4 or 5 keyed chanter…
Bass Regulator, the amount of work in one of these is mad – £1600

If you are a penniless piper let me know.  I will make a basic set as cheaply as I can, but you won’t get to decide anything other than the key.

Contact with any queries.