This is now a bit random, and will be simply what catches my eye. Other work can be seen at

B chanter; ebony, nickel silver and posh imitation ivory.

3/4 set in ebony, nickel silver and GPS ivory

Bass bar

Brass fronted stock

3/4 set in C

Boxwood C chanter

Another boxwood C

Ebony and moose antler half set in C

C chanter in palosanto and box

Boxwood narrow bore D chanter with casein mounts

Concert chanter in ebony and imitation ivory

3/4 set in B, ebony brass and box

An early full set in C#

A low G chanter, this is the one I made.

And here is Emmett’s low A chanter

Full set in B with straight bass drone – wide…

Detail; imitation ivory, ebony and brass

Detail of what looks like a lovely set that I have absolutely no memory of.

Box B chanter, 5 keys

Keywork, standard setup with long F. Bit neater these days I like to think

Ebony and box B

Full set in B, quite an old one. Note regulator end pins.

This narrow (flat) D came in the other day, and has matured into a strikingly pretty chanter, drones and regs in production for this one behind me as I type.

Look at that – my old C#, the only African blackwood chanter I ever made. So far, I have some pieces to use.

A Bb – a wonderful pitch.