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Scroll down for another concert chanter and a Matt Kiernan C#…

I am minded to add this disclaimer re the videos. I don’t do second takes of these unless I humiliate myself, and I don’t edit them – so they don’t quite represent the chanters at their best…

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The original busking stick chanter! Made by Peter Hunter for Ronan Browne to go off busking and “earn some food money!” and subsequently copied by Peter many times.  Made from rosewood and brass, this chanter was fitted with a reed bug – since removed – for use with Afro Celt Soundsystem. It was also lent to Sean Og Potts for a live Donal Lunny album (below), so lots of history. It will reed up on a tubing staple and to be honest can sound a bit better than I currently have it. I’m not used to reeding these yokes. 

Offers considered. 

The original busking stick chanter.
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Published at 2019, April 29
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Also for sale, an old Matt Kiernan C# chanter in greenheart.  This was copied from a very old Kenna chanter, yet nevertheless sounds very much like a Kiernan! Bore is 4.something so it is fairly loud and poky.  I like it. Looking for £650 or therabouts.

C# Matt Kiernan chanter, Kenna copy.
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Published at 2019, April 25
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